Custom Printing Services

custom printing services

Custom Printing Services – Toronto

We offer a variety of custom printing services, simply email or call us about your job details and we will provide you with output options, solutions and and affordable quote to work within your budget.



  • Coroplast – is a corrugated plastic sheet that is extremely durable because it is water resistant. It is great for indoor or outdoor signage because it will not rust, rot, mildew or corrode.
  • Hi -CoreĀ® Oxo- Biodegradable Coroplast – This is a corrugated plastic sheet that can offer all of the normal outdoor performance properties, until breakdown begins 5-6 months after outdoor installation. At that point and onward, they are “made to degrade”.
  • Banner

    Outdoor Banner

    Banner Uses – Ideal for political signs, yard signs, real-estate signs, trade shows, indoor directional and office signage and small business advertising solutions.

  • Posters – Large full colour posters are ideal for floor graphics, signs, movie posters, flipcharts, and presentations in store or window displays. Posters are an invaluable tool for retailers, mall owners, real estate brokers, building managers, movie theatres and sales organizations.
  • Quick Turnaround

Perforated Window Graphics

  • Perforated window graphics are perforated films used to produce see-through window graphics that are great for advertising.

    Perforated window graphics

    Perforated window graphics

  • When you are inside a business or vehicle the perforated material provides you with a clear view of the outside.
  • Persons viewing your window from the outside see a full colour vibrant image. Great for privacy.
  • Placed on the outside of windows
  • 50% vinyl film and 50% perforated holes.
  • Great for business, rear vehicle windows, trade show displays and retail advertising.
  • Easy, Do-It-Yourself application.
  • Use your own images and logo.
  • Can be made to fit any size windowsperforated window graphics