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July 3, 2014

Bedroom Ideas: Decorating with pictures and photos

Bedroom Ideas: A digital photo print can jazz up your bedroom!


Have a favorite photo?

Upload it, crop it and make it a Panoramic. A panoramic photo of a landscape or romantic skyline looks stunning over a bed or headboard.

Toss in a couple of throw pillows that reflect the colours in the photo and your bedding, viola you  have a fresh new look that will take your breath away.

Canvas art prints are an affordable, virtually glare free  and look fantastic over a headboard!
TIP: If you have large windows or overhead lighting that directly reflects on the wall – canvas is your go to medium.  No worries about sun or glare, fade resistant inks will go the distance.


Want a different shape?

Photo shapes over a bed

Take a newspaper – cut and paste together in the shape(s) you think may go over your bed.

Balance is key, whether you choose canvas wraps, photo printing, acrylic printing or original art.


To determine the shape that best suits your space:

Shapes over single Queen and King bed

Leave at least 3” clearance from the bottom of the wall photo prints and the headboard and at least 6” from the top of the ceiling to the edge of the top of the artwork.

It is preferable if the width of the art is slightly smaller than the width of the headboard.

If do you do not have a headboard – get artsy, create one with your favorite photo printed on canvas

TIP: Check if the photo print complements your wall colour – use our free design room tool  


Picture Framing Hardware


If you have young children:

Use security hangers and/or two heavy duty picture hangers.
Hang something light weight – photo to canvas prints are relatively light.


How to hang photos:

Use two picture hangers – they are ideal for both balance and safety.  Space the picture hangers 4” from the edge of the frame.

Hardware for mirrors & framed and mounted photos:

Use heavy duty picture hangers (50 lbs+).  For mirrors do not use wire – hang with a picture hanger and a D Ring. D Rings are available with 1, 2 or 3 screws. 

picture hanging hardware



What type of canvas art prints are suitable for a bedroom?


Type of art chosen is personal – you can choose to make a statement For example; one client decided she wanted to hang a picture of a gorilla over her bed (she thought it resembled her hairy husband (we had a good chuckle over this request) – Yes, we found her a tasteful horizontal picture of a gorilla that matched her decor -we have no idea what the husband thought of his wife romantic gesture. True story


When selecting art or photos for your room consider:

The wall colour, the space you have to work with, the mood you would like to create, and the lighting in the room.


Ideas for wall art in the bedroom:

A series of Botanical’s, Boudoir photography, Nudes, Still life’s, Floral, Serene Landscape or Abstract Art


Want more ideas?

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