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April 22, 2013

Mothers Day Idea: 7 ideas for a unique photo gift


Here are 7 ideas for a unique photo gift for your mom and grandmother. All of us have at one time or another purchased a last minute floral bouquet or taken mom out for a bite to eat, and although this is truly a wonderful way to tell mom we love her – some of us may be searching for a lasting gift that she will treasure forever. Afterall, mom has been our friend, chauffeur, cook and mentor.

What mother wouldn’t enjoy photos of her family? You probably have hundreds of digital images on your camera, Instagram, Facebook or your computer. If you don’t have any: take some now! Grab your smart phone or digital camera and just have fun with it – and don’t forget funny pictures are also a heartwarming gift. And always remember: If you are taking pictures of Mom or Grandma – make sure it’s a flattering photo!

To make the gift more personal, sign and date it on the back. So here are a few photography ideas to provide you with some inspiration:

Mothers Day Idea: Photography


Family Photos 

mothers day ideaMany of us have taken hundreds of Instagram, facebook photos of
family, friends, cottage and trips and holidays.
An 8” x 8” photo on canvas will fit almost anywhere in your house.
You can even place a canvas on a book shelf, mantle or even start mom on a new collection.




Cottage photos


mothers day idea


Do you have a cottage? Then you probably have some great photos that captured  all the memories and experience of being out in mother nature (see how this is relevant already?). Photos of family, action shots on the lake or beach, pictures of the canoe or a kayak adventure!  Even a landscape photo of the cottage is enough to conjure up enough warm memories and nostalgia to make it a perfect mother’s day gift!

If you need ideas for outdoor photography read



Photos of Pets


mothers day ideaPhotos of family pets will always bring a smile
to mom’s face, probably yours too.
There is always a place in the house for a pet photo!








Photos Of Your Grandmother


mothers day ideaGrandmothers are the best!
They’ve definitely earned all the love and joy
that you can give to them on Mother’s Day – so give
them something personal.
Dig up that old glamour shot or portrait of them
and bring it back to life.
Don’t forget black and white photos are trending now.








Children’s Paintings


mothers day idea

When you feel completely uninspired,
or when you just feel like you’ve exhausted
all possible ideas – pull out one of your child’s
paintings and photograph it.
Nothing makes a parent more proud than
their own child’s creativity – why not preserve
their painting for a life time. What mother
doesn’t like to show off her budding artist’s talent?
With its texture and brilliance your canvas will
have people doubting it’s an original. ­­­­­





Outdoor Living


mothers day idea

Now that it’s time to head outdoors, why not create some spectacular outdoor art? Mom would love to see her favourite flower, cottage scene,  or a calming picture of a waterfall hanging on the wall in her backyard. With a massive step forward in technology, we now have the ability to create outdoor art on Eco-Banner. It’s just like canvas but it is the perfect material to hang outdoors near a pool or sauna and and its made of  environmentally friendly components!


Travel photos 

mothers day idea

Does your family travel a lot? If so mom or dad will have hundreds of stunning images of their travels. Why not take one of her favorite photos and turn it into art. Choose a photo that complements the colours in your house. if you’re not sure you can always edit the photo  and turn into a black and white or sepia tone. 






Once You Get Some Great Photos, Print Them On Canvas for as low as $10! 


We’ve helped hundreds of people create custom Mothers Day Gifts and it was always a pleasure to get the feedback, “mom loved the gift”!  Printapic made photo to canvas printing easy, just upload your photo and use our on-line app to crop, apply special effects filters, and more.  Get started now at Printapic .  Questions – Email us at , were here to help.

With our quick turnaround time we promise to have your photo on canvas in your home well before Mother’s Day!

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