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March 6, 2013

Nature Photography Tips: Simple Ways To Improve Your Photos

Now that the freezing weather is finally on its way out, we’ll wager that most photographers are getting eager to get outside and take photos of the melting landscapes.

While it might be muddy, there’s some great landscapes to capture and things to see, so let’s get started! Keep reading for some great nature photography tips and reminders for any photographer from beginner to the seasoned pro!

Forget about Centering

While most photographers are familiar with the rule of putting your subjects in the middle of your shot, it’s often beneficial to open up your shot and allow your subject to take up space in the corners. This compels viewers to take in the landscape of your shot and look closely to find your subject. Try it!

Stay Steady!

You don’t need to go out and purchase an expensive new camera lenses to get sharper photos when you’re out and about. Most often, blurred photos are caused by shaky hands and a slower shutter speed caused by low lighting.

One of the best solutions to this is using a tripod, but if you’re not ready to make that investment or if you don’t want to carry one around with you, there are still ways to steady your hand.

If you’re unable to use a tripod, make sure that you use two hands to hold your camera and bring your elbows in to the sides of your chest. Also, be careful about your shutter button… PRESS it, don’t punch it. There’s a difference!

For Close-Ups, Use Inexpensive Extension Tubes

If you love taking close-up photos like flowers or leaves, but can’t afford or don’t want to invest in a macro-lens, you should investigate extension tubes. They work with most lenses and fit right between your camera body and lens to create better focus. When you’re ready to take the next step in your photography, we think this is a great investment.

Turn Up The Flash!

This one is simple, use the flash function on your camera! It can brighten and add depth to almost any photo!

Practice, Practice, Practice

This one might be the most fun! Remember to take lots of photos, experiment and practice!