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February 17, 2015

Tarzan Dan photography: Ballet canvas art collection

Tarzan Dan Photography:  Creative Ballet Photographer

Not only is Tarzan Dan Freeman known for his successes as a Canadian Radio and national television personality but he also happens to be a world class ballet photographer. It’s safe to say Dan is a remarkable talent in the media and arts world. Tarzan Dan’s Photography reflects his genuine love of ballet and dance which was inspired by his wife Caitlin Lockwood – a professional dancer. Always a photographer at heart, it wasn’t until Caitlin asked him to take audition photos of her and her friends that his enthusiasm for ballet photography was revealed.

To Tarzan Dan, photography is ultimately about expression. All of his ideas and feelings for dance produce almost surreal, spiritual, liberating photos that intertwine the delicate balance of natural elements and dance. His career as a ballet photographer began in Toronto with Bridgett Zehr, who was a Principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada at the time. Bridgett asked to work with Dan in a photo shoot and the phenomenal success of the shoot led to a realization that his extraordinary ideas produced some of the most fantastic and unique ballet photography available in the art world today.

Recently, his photo “Tiny Ballerina” featuring the dance performer Tina Pereira of the National Ballet of Canada was featured by Pointe Magazine: Congratulations Dan!

We at Printapic are excited to offer for the first time ever Tarzan Dan’s Ballet artwork on canvas. Tarzan Dan’s ballet photography art is printed using premium quality canvas and archival inks. The ballet artwork is printed on canvas and is available in a variety of sizes.

Some of the following images of ballet canvas art can also be found on the line of fashion bags in the Tarzan Dan totem bags line that are available for sale in the Ballet Boutique at The National Ballet of Canada and online worldwide

For custom sizes on canvas please email

A certificate of authenticity will accompany each ballet canvas art piece.

Tarzan Dan Photography – Ballet Canvas Art Collection:



Tanya Howard “The Red Door”
DANCER: Tanya Howard – First Soloist – National Ballet of Canada
Location: Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver BC
“As soon as I lay eyes on the striking red door at the heritage fire station built in 1906, I knew Tanya was equally as striking a dancer, and could bring balance to such a strong statement.
While on tour in Vancouver we created the “Red Door” image and it quickly grew to be a favourite.”

The Tattered Tutu - Tarzan Dan

The Tattered Tutu
“The work, the hours, the determination, the dreams all captured in one ballet image is what I strove to capture. This is one of my favorites and for the effect I lit it with a single skylight. Only the light of the sun dancing across the tulle.”

The First Dance of the 99 Red Balloons

The First Dance of the 99 Red Balloons
Heather Ogden – Principal Dancer – National Ballet of Canada
Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver
“Dance of the 99 Red Balloons” Originally this idea was born out of conversation with Heather. In planning our 1st shoot together, we spoke of a single Red Balloon in a forest. The idea worked even better than planned. I asked Heather if I could continue with the concept as a project, shooting dancers all over the planet with a Red Balloon in the shot. With her blessing, this ongoing project, she will always be the 1st in the “Dance of 99 Red Balloons”


Jenna Savella
DANCER: Jenna Savella – Second Soloist – National Ballet of Canada
Location: Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver BC
“I drove past these cathedral doors on a daily basis and every day it was like a little voice kept calling out, take the picture, take the picture!
This is the vision I pictured in my head.
Jenna had come home to visit family we got together and our first stop on our day of shooting was to create this image. She embodied it exactly as I had imagined”
Fun fact: Just outside of the picture was a giant poster of the Pope looking down and smiling – divine intervention?


DANCER: Tina Pereira – First Soloist – National Ballet of Canada
Location: The Extension Room – Toronto
“Tina and I have always enjoyed creating together, she the glamorous, powerful, engaging dancer, me the guy with the camera and two left feet.

Tarzan Dan Photography-Tutu Wall

The Tutu Wall
Location: National Ballet of Canada, Toronto
“I walked by the tutu wall one day at the NBOC on Front St and a thought entered my head… if the tutus on the wall could talk.
How many grand and spectacular stories would they tell of past performances and time spent perfecting every flawless graceful moment on stage.”